Sunday, June 4

Drum Roll Please!!...Lampshade Finished

I'm back...
Braid and bead fringing is all on and the lampshade is finished...

Start by glueing the braid down all the ribs...In my case it was all eight ribs.

When the glue on the ribs has dried, start on one of the ribs and glue the braid around the top of the shade.
Glue the braid on top, so that it sits a little on both the front and inside the frame.
next, glue the braid around the bottom of shade...Make sure you cover the ends of the braid on the ribs.

Let the glue dry off again....

Then lastly glue on the fringing.
I like to glue the fringing around the bottom on the inside of the frame.
I have seen the fringing glued underneath the braid, but if I want to take the fringing off for whatever reason, I can without having to also pull off the braid....
It looks lovely as it is, but I'm tossing up whether to add some folded ribbon roses at the top of the shade ...
I do hope my instructions all made sense...
Now off to do the other shade..


  1. Hello there julia
    oh darling your lampshade has come up a treat- I saw it when you had alternate pieces of fabric on and to come back and see it all finished and going --is terrific- it looks wonderful and I am sure the beads suit it perfectly!! I really must go and find my lampshade and make mine up-oh deary me another project on the go ....
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo

  2. Julia, the lamp turned out beautiful! I still am in awe of your gorgeous cq'd one.

  3. Don't suppose you make them to order? I have a lampshade here about that size which is badly stained from water which leaked from the ceiling, right over the wretched lamp, wouldn't you know it? We didn't realise until weeks later, when it had dried out and the stain became obvious. Oh goodness, you don't need to know all that, and I was only joking about making to order! But I love your lampshades!


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