Friday, June 30

Day 10...Chain Stitch & Detached Chain Stitch..

My seam treatments for today is the chain stitch...I think most of us learned how to chain stitch in school home economics class.
I remember my teacher being so strict about having all the chains even in size...Not pulled to tight that they closed up, and the holding stitch was to be small and not show too much.
Now with Cq, you can vary the chain stitch to suit whatever effect you want, there are no rules!...
Here I have used it on my Cafe Au Lait quilt .
I traced in the scallops using a scrapbooking ruler, off setting one side so that the points do not meet.
I chain stitched the scallops...Then with a variegated thread, did a three detached chain stitch flower and added a gold bead at each point..

On Maureen's gorgeous cream RR block, I did a similar seam treatment...There is a bigger picture of the block here .
On this seam, I matched up the points of the scallops..Chain stitched the outline of the scallops, then using the same thread added a detached chain stitch with a fly stitch in between each scallop.
Inside the scallops, I worked in a three ribbon stitch flower in a pretty pink colour, and added a green ribbon stitch leaves...

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  1. Your stitching is always beautiful and so inspiring.


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