Thursday, June 22

Crazy on Cream...nearly finished

Crazy on Cream...nearly finished
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I have started putting together my crazy on cream blocks...
I thought about making it bigger, but when I laid these out...I thought they looked good as is...and I have the perfect spot for this size wallhanging in my bedroom.
I have sashed the blocks together with a soft cream satin backed crepe fabric...using the satin side up.
I'm now tossing up if I will embellish the borders..I don't want to take away from the embellished blocks...


  1. What a lovely piece of art. Would love to see close up pics!

  2. wot about a very pale green and do a wandering pale pale green leave pattern with maybe a small lazy daisy flower in another soft colour you pick up from your cream on cream block - or just do a cream, trailing leaf vine and a cream rose on it- might look okay - but it might be fine just the way it is
    love it its so beautiful loves it darling Julia xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Beautiful!! The touches of color added to the cream make it very special... so well done, too!! Yay you!


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