Friday, June 2

Craft Show Purchase...

I did not buy very much at the craft show last week, just a few bits of lace and braid ....But the other thing that I did buy nearly broke the bank... Almost had to mortage the house!
I fell in love with this gorgeous bead fringing, I agonized for so long whether to buy it or not, I would walk away and then go back and have another look..And in the end , I thought "What the heck, just buy it"
I have two lamp shade frames that I've been meaning to cover for so long, the cost of the bead fringing kept putting me off, now I've bought it and it's done!
The fringing cost $40 a metre..And as I needed three metres, you can see why I had to think twice about it.
So, I will be taking some time off stitching to cover these two frames.
I thought I would post an on going progress for any one that may be interested...


  1. Isn't it just beautiful and imagine how stunning your lamps will be with this unique beaded fringe. I love fringing too, but the price is like enough to choke one! LOL

  2. Oh yes, you must post your progress! I have two frames sitting here taped and ready to go, all I lack is the courage. Your progress will encougage me!

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  4. The beading is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do.


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