Saturday, June 3

Covering Lampshade...progress..

This is to show that you need to do every second panel..
Then put aside overnight until glue has completely dried..


  1. Julia, I did a lamp shade like this once. Never again I thought -to many pins and too much glue on my hands. Then I discovered hot glue guns. Work went twice as fast, I found I had a better finish and I was sooooo less Can't wait to see how your shade turns out. I love the fringing you purchased. Simply lovely.

  2. I'll be watching very closely too. I have an antique floor lamp that I love and use all the time but the shade is in very very bad shape. I just never knew how to recover it.

  3. Thanks for posting the instructions Julia, I have some old lamp shades in my shed I've kept for so long - and never brought the book to go along with doing them. Your finished lamp looks so gorgeous and I loved seeing the snippet of your lovely items in your home. Sticky beak that I am!!! LOL


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