Tuesday, June 27

100 Details in 100 Days...Featherstitch.

I so much want to join in with Sharon and the other girls and take part in the 100 details in 100 days...
I find I tend to do the same seam treatments over and over...so this will be a great way to look back at what I've done and pick up some new inspiration from the other girls..
Thank you Sharon for coming up with this idea..

I don't have the time to start stitching something new at this
time, so I thought I would just join in by showing my version of the stitch of the day on something I have already done..
Today it is the good old featherstitch...I love the feather stitch..
Whenever I'm stuck for what to do, I always turn to the featherstitch..There are so many ways to use the stitch and this is what I have done with it on my Fan quilt.
In the first picture, I worked in little Fargo roses and lazy daisy leaves to the featherstitch.

This second picture..I just added simple ribbon stitch buds to the featherstitch..With a holding straight stitch to each bud.

And here my featherstitch is finished off with a variegated silk thread lazy daisy buds....

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