Thursday, June 29

100 Details in 100 Days with SharonB....Day 9.

Well I am way behind in the 100 details in 100 Days as I have missed the first 7 days...and I missed yesterday...But here is what I have to show for today.

Spray: Top left corner, I have done a SRE flower spray with 4mm ribbon detached chain stitch flower and buds, then added tiny delica beads inside of each petal, worked in detached chain stitch leaves and finished off with tiny delica bead trails.

Bottom centre: I have a SRE fuchsia flower trailing spray...They are just 5 ribbon stitches at the top in a pretty bright pink and 3 ribbon stitch petals for the bottom in a mauve 4mm ribbon, finish the flowers off with 3 pistil stitch stamens.
All stitches can be found in Sharon's stitch directory
I have connected the flowers with a stem stitch and ribbon stitch leaves...

It's not braid, but on the gold and pink fan blades seam, I have embellished a lace piece with 4mm ribbon threaded through it and Fargo roses in each scallop of the lace...


  1. Very, very nice and the colours are just so pretty.

  2. This is beautiful!
    Those fuchias are fantastic.

  3. This is so wonderful. You do such beautiful work.


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