Monday, May 22

Victorian RR....Rosemary's Block..

This is the work I have done On Rosemary's RR Block...
I could just see the print in the middle surrounded with a wisteria vine...One of my favourite flowers.
I planted the vine in a terracotta pot,
The wisteria flowers are French knots worked in a variegated pure silk thread called "Wisteria" from Hand Dyed Fibres.
I added a fan made out of a piece of lace, beaded and finished off with a little tassel.
I also did the seam treatments under the fan, using silk threads in two different shades of mauve.
I would love to do more, but there are four other ladies yet to work on it.
It's off to Sandie soon to work her magic on it....

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  1. Julia, this is so sweet .. love the Wisteria, would love to see the fan close up. I done a fan recently on one of my blocks ... been studying them to do more! Love your seam treatments .....


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