Wednesday, May 10

Victorian Purse ...finished

Victorian Purse #5...finished
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The Victorian purse I was making is finished...
I found it a little more challenging than I thought it would be.
I had a bit of trouble joining the yoke to the main body of the purse, and had to end up stitching it on by hand.
I inserted template plastic in the yoke to give it body, and make it stay upright.
The purse I saw at the show had two ordinary round magnets glued inside the yoke underneath the fabric, but I used a proper clip on magnetic closure.
The lace motif on the yoke is all beaded , and the lace motif around the print is embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and beading.
The lady in the print has a gold chain stitch necklace with a tiny crystal bead hanging off it and a crystal bead earring, her hat is embellished with ribbon roses
I finished off the purse with some lovely bead fringing
I think I will need to fine tune the pattern and make up another purse to make sure it goes together better ...But all in all I am happy with the finished look, it was fun as well as challenging to do..


  1. This is a beautiful bag, I especially love the work you did on the hat, it makes it all come alive!

  2. Really gorgeous Julia, the hand dyed laces are stunning. The shape is different and very appealing .... I'd love to try making a bag ... one day soon. *adds to massive list of to do's*


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