Saturday, May 13

There's a Bear Out There!....

A dear CQ friend is blogging...
Belinda, fondly known as Bear has started a blog, and she just has a way with words, that will have you going back again and again.
Please go over and have a read, tell her I sent you..

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  1. Hewoo there
    here it is August 6th and the bear in there has found you wrote a wee piece on my beginning to blog- precious precious darling!
    I have been doing a bit of catching up on friends blogs - as I havent always read them (No Bear really- well its August and a certain friend wrote this when May??? noighty Bear!
    Bless ya Julia- and I love you too- I never ever tire of seeing your amazing stitchin! yup g is left off on purpose
    anyway thank you for telling anyone who came your way of my tentative blog beginning
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo Bear xoxoxoxoxxo


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