Wednesday, May 31

Quilts are Home from Show....Judges Comments

Well, my quilts are home from the craft show...And I couldn't wait to unpack them to see what comments the judges had to say about them.
I think there were over 300 quilts enterered for judging this year...And this is the second year that I have entered quilts for judging in this big craft show.
I was so excited when my "Aunt Maggies Tulip Quilt" took out first prize in the amateur traditional.
I thought some of you might like to know what sort of things the judges look for in the quilts and what the comments were.
The judges have a list of things which they make comment on...And on this quilt the comments are:
Good use of colour,
Precise piecing, points meeting accurately,
Well appliqued,
Good choice of quilting design,
Very Appealing1930's style quilt,
but corners could be improved...

On "My Victorian Fan Quilt",there is only one comment:
Good use of embroidery/embellishments.
Then they went on to write:
Good use of imagination, "but would benefit from some quiet spaces".
So there you go!...I think they must have thought it was too busy...I wonder what the judges would have said if they saw the "Encrusted Look"....

On my "Cafe au Lait"
The judges just wrote:
Lots of interesting details.
Mitred corners are a bit tight...

Well, I'm glad I entered the quilts for judging and it's been very interesting to get an unbiased opinion and their comments on my quilts...


  1. For the ladies overseas, I forgot to mention in the post, that is my state of Western Australia on the blue ribbon...

  2. Hello to you Camille's place.

    I have been taking a tour of gina's favourite bloggs to read and I can understand why she finds yours SO VERY! have such stunning work and the photos of the quilts are just so lovely thank you for sharing them. I admire those who do this wonderful quilting and the time spent enjoying something like this you are passionate about would fill a day with such joy.

    I must come back for a look again soon. but thank you for the great pictures and very good wishes on your 1st prize!

  3. Wow Julia, I can imagine you be tickled pink - but I think all your quilts deserve a 1st *hands you a pretty blue ribbon for each* rotflol
    I have to ask - do the judges understand crazy quilting? Quiet spaces? If you come across a quiet space means your at a 'stop' which is a no go in CQing. The eye travels around to each point and continues. Of am I getting this all wrong and there is a need for quiet spaces?
    I'd dare not enter mine hehehhe, mine are so full your eyes never leave the block - encrusted isn't the word - though cluster-a-holic is!
    Your quilts are just so amazing.
    huggggss 'me'

  4. It just all confirms to me that sane judges do not understand crazy quilting.

    Congratulations on three stunning quilts.

  5. What amazing Work,You are so talented. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I can never wait to see what you have next. I agree those judges must not understand crazy quilting I can not imagine free space lol.Wonderful job, Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  6. Congratulations on your blue ribbon! Very cool ribbon, by the way! And I agree... the judges obviously don't know today's crazy quilting!

  7. Congratulations on the ribbon. Your work is really wonderful. I love looking at all the embellishments.

  8. All of your work are winners to me! Just beautiful.

  9. oh Julia
    your quilts are so beautiful- and to have a sane judge a Crazy quilt is a little unfortunate as she wouldnt understand the principles behind a CQ - in that ther are no Rules and then her comment of too busy and wanting some quiet spaces would have bee different anyway I love all 3 quilts and so upset that you didnt get 3 blue ribbons
    they deserve them!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox


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