Saturday, May 13

Press and Seal...

Press and Seal is made by the same people that make the Glad products.
Would you believe that it is not available here in Western Australia, although I believe it is available over east from a shop that sells stuff from the states, I don't know the name of the shop, so if anyone out knows please leave me a comment..

Well, this is what I have done with the press and seal.
First I picked out this basket from Carole Samples book of crazy quilting stitches.
Then, I cut out a piece of the press and seal big enough to cover the basket I'm going to trace.
The press and seal has a right and wrong side to it, so make sure you write on the side with the logo on it and not the other sticky side.
Using a blue Sharpie fine point pen I traced the basket,
I only traced off the main outline of the basket, I thought I would fill in the detail later with stitches freehand.

Position the press and seal with the drawing on it onto your block where you would like your basket to be.
There is no need for pins as the press and seal stays in position by the slightly sticky wrong side.
With your chosen thread, embroider over the lines going right through the fabric..

Stem stitch or chain stitch as I have done, the basket shape.
here I have also stitched in some detail on the basket, but I think it's best to do that later, after the press and seal has been removed.
I soon found that out!
Iris did tell me, it's hard to get out of tiny places if there's too much stitching over it.
I did not think this was too much stitching, but it was enough to make it a little difficult to remove.

When you have finished the stitching..
Starting from the outside, carefully peel away the press and seal, I had to use a pair of tweezers to get it out from underneath the stitching.
You may be able to see, there is still little bits left in there that I will need to get out..
In my opinion..I think it's great!..I would however be careful not to use it on anything to small, and making sure to just do the outlines that are necessary.
Now to fill the basket with SRE flowers...


  1. Great tutorial on P&S Julia. Wonder if Glad knows what we are doing with their P&S!!! Shows we can make a craft item out of

  2. Had to chuckle at the tweezers, I sat for hours getting the P&S out of every little crevace of stitching - of course it was all close together. Iris suggested sticking the P&S to something to loose a little bit of it's tac Julia ... I'm going to try this on my next butterfly and will 'remove' before I do fine stitching. The company you are thinking of is USA foods, website is here..

  3. Oh and I so badly want to get Carol Samples Book and her dream a seams set! My birthday is coming up ... lol will batt my lashes at DH!

  4. oh julia
    fabulous tute on Press and Seal- I have Carole Samples book but oh how I wish I had spent the exra and gone to her site n got her templates as well- I found your explanation on how to use P&S great and am going to have a go at it now - bless ya darling
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo

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  6. Hi Julia, I love your tutorial I am adding you to my new blog I have created.I'm putting up new sites for people to learn from. I have learned so much from others sharing with me so I feel good to be able to share with them .I like you blog also nice job I'm just learning but I like your set up also .Thanks again for you help Debbie Kelly

  7. I am enjoying your blog. I was wondering if you could soak it in warm water to get it out from under stitches after soaking them loose?

  8. Hi Hun, My local Foodland store sells the rolls of Peel & Seal, if you privately email me you snail mail address I'll send you some next pay day. Hugs Naomi from Adelaide

  9. GREAT tip, and here in Canada, Press & Seal is readily available.

  10. That is one fabulous idea!

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Hi,
    I love your idea,
    I get my Press & Seal from Coles, and I am in Queensland.


  12. This is the link to the Aussie site
    I bought my first roll of PnS, then our local IGA and Coles supermarkets stocked it for awhile, but both have deleted it now, I am on the East Coast of Oz.
    Hugs Diana

  13. I bought me press and seal from coles supermarkets. I love it I live in Qld.


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