Saturday, May 27

I have not had anything to blog about these last few days as I have been busy with the big craft show here...It finishes on Sunday.
All day yesterday I was at the show, looking , spending a little, and helping out with the quilt displays.
There is the most fantastic Japanese quilt display your ever likely to see...50 of the most beautiful quilts ....First time out of Japan.
Each quilt had a little blurb about the maker and what inspired the quilt...Very interesting.
Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos, the workmanship is amazing..Their hand quilting is so perfect, and the fabrics are to die for.
I must also mention that our work here is not to be sneezed at either...We have a lot of very talented ladies here, I was able to take pics, but I feel I must get the owners permission to show them online.
There was a couple that really stood out, one lady worked a beautiful peacock wallhanging with it's tail fully opened out in all it's glory..No kidding, you would swear it was real!
It took her 11 months to do, all completely hand stitched and quilted, she captured the tail feathers colour and features so perfectly...
I met up with my dear friend Vivienne of Anlabyhouse , waving to you Viv! It was lovely to see you again.
I've been so inspired with things I've seen at the craft show...I don't know what to do next.
I could go on and on about the show, but must go and do some work...and plan my next project.


  1. I saw a peacock quilt on the back of a magazine recently. Unfortunately, I don't remember the magazine. It was great - and each feather was individually stitched on!

  2. Camille, I took some time to look at your pics and look at a few entries. You do suich great work. You are definitely a ribbon wiz!

  3. Thank you for your kind words Shelina...


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