Monday, May 1

Hearts Received...

I received these three beautiful hearts over the last two weeks.
I only now realized I had not posted them on my blog..
This first one is from Maureen C
I love the rich Burgundy colours.
This is the first piece of CQ I have with the lovely little shisha mirror (I think that's what it's called) .

This heart is from Juliette in the U.K.
another gorgeous heart to add to my collection..

This gorgeous colourful heart is from Tosh.
The heart is called "The Flower Seller"
At the top left side of the heart you can see the very cleverly worked flower seller carrying flowers on her head..


  1. Yes,it's a shisha !
    Found them in Crystal Connection in Caboolture and loved the silver and pearl combination

  2. they are beautiful ...... all of them!!!


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