Tuesday, May 16

Crazy on Cream Block #5...progress

Crazy on Cream Block #5
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I have been doing a bit of work on my Crazy on Cream block #5...
I've not done a lot, but I have filled the basket that I added to the block using some Press and Seal that was given to me.
I filled the basket with loop flowers, a spider web rose, a stem stitch rose and buds.
I tend to work all the flowers in first, leaving the highlights like beads and greenery to last.
I love doing the little loop flowers..they add dimension and so simple to do..just five loops, with a beaded centre.
Buds are another of my favourite to do, they soften the overall look, and then when I add the greenery... leaves, fern stitch etc. the whole thing comes to life.
I have worked on a couple of the seams, doing cretan stitch with lazy daisy buds.
In the bottom centre of the block, i have worked in a little heart with cream rose buds.
I'm not sure yet what I'll do on the lace motifs.
Around the centre flower posy, I have stitched in feather stitch with rose coloured delica beads at the tips...

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