Friday, May 19

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery...

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My computer has been away getting an this is a test to see if it is working ok, and if every thing is back to normal.
While off line , I have been having a go at doing BDE..
I thought I could use the BDE on my Cq pieces to add another dimenson
While I loved doing the satin stitch leaves..I did find doing 50 wrap French knot petals for the flower a bit hard on the old hands, but like every thing, I guess it will get easier with practice.
I still have another three flower buds to work in.
I may frame this little piece or maybe add it to a piece of CQ..


  1. Ohhhh this is beautiful - how clever you are.

  2. You do such beautiful work. I wish my embroidery looked as wonderful as yours. maybe someday.

  3. A little hint Julia!
    Always remember to"tickle the tummies" of your bullion stitches to get them into shape,and don't wind too tightly onto the needle.

  4. "Tickle" I will...
    They can be a bit tricky when it's up to 50 wraps..


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