Thursday, May 11

Bags..Bags.. And More Bags...

For those of you that love bags...And purses..
Check out this great site for tutorials on making all shapes and sizes of bags and purses..
There is a tutorial for a Chanel "Knock Off" style bag, a Sha Sha Dream Bag, a great little Malteaser Wrapper Bag.. Actually made up from the chocolate wrappers.. A good excuse to indulge in some Malteasers...And heaps more.
I had lots of fun just going through all the different types of bags and purses to make..

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  1. Craftster is the best site for tutorials. The sha sha dream bag is the one I made a while ago. Doesn't quite lend itself to CQ, but it was definately an easy pattern to follow.
    What do you reckon, CQ with duct tape!!


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