Wednesday, May 24

Back from Craft Show...And excited..

Wow! What a great exciting day it has been..
This morning I went to the craft show not knowing which of my quilts had won a prize or what I had won... I had three quilts entered.
Dh and I set out out this morning at 7am, we live an hours drive away from where the show is being held.
With all the work getting done on the freeway for a new train line coming down our way holding up traffic, we decided to catch the bus into town, we were also told that parking was near impossible to find, and would cost an arm and a leg right in the heart of the city.

I was so excited when my name was called out, I really did not think I would win a prize for this quilt... The standard of work on the quilts on show is amazing, so many talented ladies...I felt very honoured to have been chosen for a prize.
Well, I won 1st prize in the amateur Traditional section for a sane quilt called "Aunt Maggie's Tulips" done in 1930's fabric.
I machine pieced it , did tulip and leaves needle turn applique.... hand quilted the whole lot and hand quilted tulips and leaves down the borders.

After all the announcements were made, we were all invited to morning tea and biscuits.

I'm going back to the show on Friday to have a good look around...spend some money..and do two hours of white glove duty, while I have a look at all the wonderful quilts on show.
There are 50 beautiful Japnese quilts on show...this being the first time they have been out of Japan.
Thank you everyone for your kind well wishes and comments...


  1. Oh Julia, that is so wonderful! I'm so very happy for you. Your quilt is beautiful. I'm particularly fond of reproduction 30's fabric and certainly of the quilt style for that era. I have a whole box of reproduction fabrics!

    I'll bet the Japanese quilts are breathtaking! I know you probably can't take photos of those but I do know that the Japanese ladies have quite a way with the needle!

  2. Congratulations on winning a prize for your quilt. It is absolutely stunning and I can see why you won!!

  3. Congratulations! And what a beautiful quilt that is.

  4. What exquisite workmanship on your prizewinner. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Julia!!! Such a beautiful quilt and it's so nice to know the judges thought so too.

  6. Congratulations. What a beautiful quilt - a prize well deserved.

  7. Congratulations! How exciting! Looks like lovely work! Can we see a close up when you get it back?

  8. Congratulations, Julia! That is terrific - what a buzz for you! Thank you for posting the photo of you with your winning quilt - I always love to see what my blogger friends look like! My curiosity is now satisfied..!

  9. Wonderful to see you and your prized quilt Julia, we can see your happiness and the fabrics are beautiful. Enjoy your time at the show .... spend lots for me! LOL hugs

  10. Sincere congratulations Julia.......I can imagine how excited you would mean to leave you guessing which quilt had won.....I bet you didnt sleep all night!


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