Sunday, April 2

Vintage Purse Frames..

I love purses..
I bought these old vintage purses and frame yesterday at a garage sale for a dollar each.
I thought I would use them to make CQ embellished purses.
I have a Hat Stand just inside my front door that I love to hang things on, so that's where these will go when they are made.
I know, some of you might say it's a shame to pull them apart, but they really are past their use by date as they are now.
The lining inside is torn and dirty, the mesh is tarnished with pieces missing and coming away from the frame..

I think I may have already posted a pic of this glasses case I made from an old Glomesh purse my mother had, anyway here it is again.
I use this glasses case all the time...


  1. The glasses case is gorgeous. I wish I could find things like these to recycle!

  2. Must be something in the Stars as I found two old purses at the Swap meet this Sunday! I had the same idea.


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