Wednesday, April 19

Turning Hearts for Applique..

Some of the girls in my COH group have been having trouble needle turning the hearts to stitch onto blocks, to make up into quilts..
As the hearts are crazy patchworked, the edges can sometimes be quite thick and bulky, depending on what was worked right up to the outside edge.
It may be lace, or beaded seam treatments, sometimes just the seams themselves can be quite thick, making it difficult to needle turn.
So I have posted my way of making the hearts easier to applique onto blocks.
I'm sure some of you would already know about this method, but for the ones that don't, here is what I do..

First check to see if the heart looks a bit out of shape.
Stitching can sometimes pull it out of shape a bit.
I first place a clear plastic heart template over the heart to check the shape, I can then redraw around the shape (If I need to) on the wrong side of the heart and use that as a guide for stitching... It is easier to stitch around the top of the heart with small stitches ..
Get some light weight interfacing like viliene, I'm told used fabric softener sheets also work well for this.
Cut out a heart shape slightly bigger than the heart you are working with, place right side of heart to viliene and sew right around the heart just inside the stitching line.
Trim back the seam after you have stitched around the heart, cut a small slit in the centre of the viliene and turn the heart through the slit to the right raw edges..
Finger roll the edges and if you like lightly press the edges, then all you have to do is stitch the hearts onto the fabric of your choice...
Hope this makes sense and is of help....

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