Thursday, April 6

Tassel or Pincushion ?...

I'm trying to decide whether to make the half doll I've been given into a tassel or a pincushion...
I love Sandie's idea of a pincushion, and especially all done in creams, though I do think the lady looks very pale and may need a bit of colouring, a bit of blush perhaps!

I have already made these two half doll tassels, so a pincushion would be a nice change.

I had an email from "Katherine" and she thinks the lady is off the top of an Avon perfume bottle, I must ask my friend who gave it to me..


  1. Julia, you know she might be right....... she seem so familiar to me somehow, my grandmother sold avon for years, I remember quite a few perfume doll bottles. Too bad I didn't keep these, they would make great half dolls. I wonder if my mom has a box in the closet somewhere. Even if she is avon, she will still make a stunning half doll or even to use her face for a polymer mold for clay faces.

  2. Well, i would never have guessed the doll was on an Avon bottle..
    I will keep a look out for them at garage sales now...


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