Monday, April 10

Part of Half Doll Dress..

We usually go to the Sunday markets, it was a beautiful day, but I just felt like staying home and potter around in the garden, while a lovely roast lamb and vegies was cooking away in the oven. The smell of the roast cooking was wafting outside, and I was sure working up an appetite.
After a delicious lunch and the kitchen all nice and cleaned up I sat down to work on the dolls dress.
There was nothing much on telly yesterday, so I had a lovely quiet afternoon working on the SRE for the main layer of the dolls dress.
I SRE spider web roses and buds in a cream and a very pale pink, with Fargo roses in a deeper pink.
I added the lazy daisy leaves in a pale sage green, and stitched on little frosted pink beads sprinkled among the SRE.
I'm going to see if I can finish the dress off today..
You can see a bigger picture here

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