Saturday, April 8

Painted Half Doll..

I decided to have a go at painting the half doll I was given..
I do think she looks a lot better now, she was just to pale and bland before.
I painted her with folk art paint.
I only painted the ruffles on the dress, her hair, the basket and picked out the flowers in the basket.
Oh, and just a tiny bit of pink on her lips.
I was going to do as Sandie suggested and dress her in creams, but as I have some lovely dark dusky pink silk dupion fabric in my stash, I thought I would use that to dress the doll with.
The fabric will match the colours of the ruffles on the bodice.
I have been playing around with paper to make a pattern for the skirt, and thinking about how I can use lace as an under skirt.
This is so much fun, it brings back memories of when I was a kid making dolls clothes, of course they were not as elaborate as this, but I loved making them, and that was what set me off to my love and life of a sewing career..

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  1. She is looking wonderful Julia. I can't wait to see the finished doll.


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