Saturday, April 1

Not Much Happening Today..

I haven't got anything much to show or write about today, but I have been doing a bit of a blog crawl this morning, and there really is some great stuff out there.
What a great way to while away a couple of hours, if you have the time!
By the time I got through all my favourite blogs and Yahoo groups it's time to get a move on and do some work around here..
Check out the gorgeous dolls house Pat of Gatherings has been doing up for a little girl she looks after.
If I was small enough I could live there quite easily.
Sandie of A Beautiful Craft has written up great instructions on printing pictures onto fabric through your computer.
Also a really great way of treating fabric in the preparation..

A while back Jo of New Zealand sent me a lovely heart, and on the heart she put paper napkin tulips, yes paper!
There is a way of doing it, and of course I just had to have a go.

I bought a bottle of "Waterproofing Agent" because that is what the lady in the shop said I needed, but now I believe you can also use watered down PVA glue, which would be a lot cheaper than the stuff I bought.

This is what I have done with a couple of napkins, I transferred the cut out flowers onto the fabric, but now I'm not sure what else to do with them..


  1. I was wondering if your experiment had worked. They look good.
    On the hearts I did, I used the transfers like a patch of fabbie, and then piced around them.
    I say, just do what you do best, they will look great.

  2. i have just bought a packet of paper napkins with some lovely large elephants on. I knew there was something they would come in useful for(smile)Thanks to you both for sharing.


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