Wednesday, April 12

New Heart # 22...

Heart 22
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To button or not to button...
As much as I love buttons and have hundreds of them, I have never added buttons on my CQs.
So I thought I would step out of my comfort zone a bit, have a play and give it go.
When is enough buttons enough..
I was always told uneven numbers work better than even, so here I have added five buttons, with beads in the centres and a little bead tassel on the end one.
Looking at it here maybe I could have added another two.
The other thing is finding the right buttons to use.
But I must admit, I quite like it..


  1. This is a really nice heart, Julia. Buttons like you.

  2. i think its lovely - mind you I am a button addict

  3. Thank you Ladies.
    SharonB, I know you are and it's your blocks with buttons that inspired me..

  4. Julia, it is lovely, the buttons look terrific. But then EVERYTHING you do is great.

  5. What a lovely heart. I'm uncomfortable using buttons in clusters too. Part of it is my sad button collection. It is improving, my last button buy helped.


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