Sunday, April 23

Gold Fan for Golda...

Gold Fan for Golda...
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I am working on this block for one of my Wednesday embroidery ladies who has just had a big cancer operation..
The other six ladies and myself are making our friend a foot warmer, like the one we made for Jeanie's wedding gift.. You can see the finished basket foot warmer here...Jeannie loved the foot warmer we made for her..
Golda loved the foot warmer too, so much so, we decided to make her one, but a little different by using this gold fan design we found in a craft book.
Just like the basket design, the basic fan will all be the same, but we will do our own embellishing of the fan blades. The gold outline of the fan is worked in gold Sardi.

I have never worked with this cord before, and I must say, it takes a bit of getting used to handling it.

The whole outline is couched down in gold thread, which is difficult in itself to work with...

I'm hoping to get my fan embellished today, so the foot warmer can be made up next week and given to Golda to cheer her up, as you can imagine, she has gone through a tough time these last few weeks...

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