Monday, April 17

First Crazy on Creams Block Finished..

I have really enjoyed working on this first cream block..
At first I thought I had put too much pink on the block, but looking at it now that it's finished, I think it adds a delicate touch and balances out the whole block.
I'm very happy with how the fan turned out, you may be able to see it in more detail here .
In the bottom right corner, I stitched in some pearl rice seed beads to form a flower and buds, then I outlined each bead with a lazy daisy stitch in a pale pink rayon thread, this gave it just a hint of pink, I think it needed in that corner..
Dh took this photo, which is a lot better than the ones I've been taking.
He tells me, my problem was having the light on over head, which gave the pics a dark yellow colour..

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