Friday, April 14

Easter and Maureen's RR Block..

Gosh! It's April and Easter already!
The year will be over before we know it.
Today is our Wedding anniversary, 44 years in fact, and they said it would not last!!, well we sure proved them wrong...
DH and I will have a fairly quiet Easter as my family are all grown up with their own families and arrangements, and we live futher away from everyone else, but we hope to catch up with everyone on Monday and Tuesday.

I received Maureen's block for the RR last week.
I've been dying to post a pic of it, it's just gorgeous..
The block is all done in creams with a print that Maureen won as part of the beaded Teaball competition last month.
I love cream on cream blocks and I very nearly made one up myself for this RR.
Sandie has posted a pic of her block for the RR,
It's gorgeous!, you must go and have a look.
I can't wait to see what the other girls have done for their blocks..


  1. Happy Anniversary Julia, with many many more happy years ahead for you both!! I love Maureen's block .... and your old UFO blocks!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Julia - wow, 44 years! That is a real achievement these days - congratulations! While I am here, your cream blocks are just gorgeous; so many of the CQs on the blogs at the moment are very colourful, which is fine, but these are a lovely change.


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