Monday, April 10

Doll is Finished..Named her Rose..

Here is "Rose" displayed on a cane unit in the back spare room.

I have so much to do, that I was determined to finish "Rose" today.
A load of washing in the machine, a quick vacuum and dust and off to sew..

This is how I assembled the skirt,.

The skirt did not need any tulle underneath after all, as when I lined the skirt, it gave it body and flared out beautifully.

A back view...

Sorry about the glare from the window.


  1. This is so beautiful Julia, you have given me incentive to finish off some of my 'half doll' UFO's and show off some of my older half dolls I've done .....
    Your skirt on your doll is gorgeous, as is the lace and embroidery ...

  2. Rose is certainly a stately lady now... She is very beautiful...


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