Friday, April 28

Beaded Plastic Container...Finished

The plastic hair colour container is beaded and finished..

Well it does work, but I must admit, I do like the beaded teaballs better.. They seem to have a better shape..
The inside in not as wide as the teaball, so it was a little bit more awkward to bead.
The best thing I found to use is a long big eye beading needle, it's long, flexible and easier to get right up into the awkward parts.. Where as a normal needle would not bend as easily.
I think I may need to put a few more beads around the top, though painting it gold hides the white coloured maybe I'll just leave this one as is...
Just one more tip.
Make sure you have enough beads, it's hard to judge how much you will need, but it's better than running out as I have... would you believe, I needed just another eight beads.
I bought two packets of the oil slick beads from Spotlight, weighing 15 grams each pack, so I will need to get another packet to finish it off...


  1. Well it looks the same to me, just a little different in shape but the beads bring it to look the same. I can't wait to make one!
    thank you Julia, for going to so much trouble for all of us, we appreciate it so much! Hugs

  2. Julia, you are so creative. It is beautiful and you are a wonderful teacher. A store here is suppose to call me next week when their teaballs come in; and I shall send you one.

  3. Thank you Judy, that is very nice of you to do that.
    This weekend there is a craft and antique fair, I may be able to pick up one or two there...


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