Thursday, April 27

Beaded Plastic Container...

A month or so ago, I beaded a teaball , after a friend in the states sent me one as a gift.
You can find the instructions for the teaball, on my blog in the March archives.
There was so much interest in the teaball, quite a few of my COH group ladies wanted to do one, but the problem was, these teaballs are as rare as hen's teeth here in Australia.
You can buy the stainless steel mesh teaballs, but the holes are so small and close together, they would not be suitable.

I buy a Loreal Excellence hair colour, and I remember seeing a plastic container for the rubber gloves in the box, I thought maybe I could use that.
It's not really the same shape as the teaballs, but it's the next best thing that I could find.

I thought I would try and burn holes in the plastic, and see if that would work.
To burn the holes, I used a # 18 chenille needle (which is now wrecked), heated it up over a lit tea candle, and used that to pierce the holes.
At first I thought I was doing the holes too close together, so I spaced them out a bit more, but as I started beading the container, I could see they need to be close.

I tried scraping the black burnt marks off the holes, but decided to paint the container instead.
I just used gold folk art paint, you do need to rough up the plastic with a light sandpaper so the paint will adhere.
Painting the container was a good move, as I noticed the beading threads inside would have showed through the plastic.
I can see that I will need to burn more holes in the plastic, but that will be easy enough .
Don't forget to put a hanging cord through the centre top, I just threaded a cord through the hole and tied a knot in the cord on the inside..
I'll finish off beading the plastic container and see what it ends up like...

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