Wednesday, April 5

Amish or Pioneer Lady ?...

A friend gave me this lovely resin lady half doll..
I'm not sure whether she could be called an Amish or Pioneer lady.
I thought I might have a go at painting her and making her into a tassel, but I'm not too sure if that would work.
She looks more like she needs a full skirt with an apron.
Another problem is how to attach the skirt.
There's nothing to attach to, just a hollow body.
I may need to glue the tassel or skirt inside the body.
Would love any suggestions..


  1. She's too "fancy" to be classified as Amish ,Julia.
    The Amish consider themselves "plain" and the rest of us are "fancy"!

  2. I would love to think she is Crinoline..
    Crinoline is more to my liking..

  3. Julia, she could easily be made into a pincushion dolly. Round circle of fabric all pulled in to gather around her waist and glued. Then she could have a really full skirt of lace which drapes with tucking/sewing and you can decorate in any way which pleases you.
    OR ..... you could get a round piece of wood (I purchased light switches in wood from the antique shop -replica style) drill a hole in the middle, place a piece of dowel in to make a stand. Stain, varnish. Then you do her as a tassel, but you make sure you leave a pencil inside where the dowel will go when you glue, so she will fit on the stand. You may need to stuff the doll a little too, so she sits, just 'high' enough. Hope all this makes sense to you, if not and your interested, I'll go into more detail. hugs 'me'

  4. I should also say she is nice the way she is ... would be hard to paint this type of material I would think and it not easily peel or scratch off.
    If you keep her 'original' would look stunning done all in creams ..... gosh, I love half dolls, can you tell? hehehe

  5. I had not thought to do a pin cushion,
    Thank you Sandie, and the idea of all creams appeals to me too..

  6. No not Amish, there are way too many ruffles, much more crinoline lady. I am sure she will be beautiful what ever you decide, you are so talented! I have 5 half dolls sitting in a drawer waiting for me to decide what to do with them. I have legs for two of them to make them look like they are sitting on a cushion. Hopefully watching your progress will help me get going on them.

  7. Half dolls are worth a fortune here - I put up my hand to bid for one at an auction once, and the price shot up from A$12 to $83 in ten seconds flat! I dropped out of that one immediately - I wasn't THAT keen! But I do have two very old ones, both given to me by my MIL, who made tea cosies for both of them. The teacosy part looks like a crinoline dress - lovely!

  8. Gina, That's amazing, the price of dolls..
    Would love to see your dolls.
    Please show the dolls on your blog when you have time..


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