Wednesday, March 8

Who's a Lucky Girl!...

Take a look at what the postman brought today..
When the the doorbell rang and I saw the postman at the door I was all excited as it usually means a parcel!.
As soon as I saw the name on the parcel, I could not open it fast enough as I knew this parcel was on it's way.
I was fumbling so much I nearly dropped it, DH said "Here give it to me"
Rita, a dear friend that's on an internet group with me called "Crazy Gatherings", (I'm sure I've mentioned it before) and also on the Chain or Hearts group sent me this lovely heart and bookmark.

Also in the parcel was this gorgeous Christmas ornie..
I know, it's either too late or too early for a Christmas ornie, but there is a story to this one.
Make yourself a cuppa and I'll try to tell the story.
Late last year, Rita, myself and quite a few other girls in our Gatherings group took part in a secret Christmas ornie swap.
I was to secrectly send Rita an ornie, which I did, posted on November the 18th, if I remember rightly.
When I didn't hear from Rita by the week before christmas, I asked the girl who was organizing the swap to email Rita and ask her if she received the ornie, Rita hadn't.
So I made another one and with a few extras, sent that off to her, well it was well into January when Rita finally received both parcels from me.
Rita emailed me and said she would make me this ornie in return, I was thrilled to bits to think she would make me one of these ornies, I had never seen one before, but had heard the girls talk about them.
I wonder if you can guess what it is made of?
I think it looks like a little chanderlier.
Just for a little bit of fun, I thought I would offer a small prize to the first correct answer I get as to what it is made of.
When you leave a comment, I will have the time it was posted, so the first correct answer will win the prize.
Good luck...


  1. I haven't a clue, and your so sneaky that you've fixed it so we can't enlarge the piccie!!!
    Not fair.

  2. I know, but will bite my tongue as it wouldn't be fair, lol. It is beautiful.

  3. I love it whatever its made of, but it must be beads. Wish I had one, or the pattern to try out.
    Cheers, Margaret

  4. could be a pine cone behind the beads ,Camille., Margaret, again. I just have to keep looking at the Chandelier its sooooo lovely

  5. Jo,
    That was a fluk, I did not fix the picture,
    have another guess!

  6. Judy, thanks for that, I thought you would know.

  7. Margaret,
    it is lovely, so many beads, but what are they on?
    That is the question!

  8. It looks to me like it might be on a flower pot...maybe a clay pot.

  9. Looks like a bunch of grapes to me!
    Whatever,it's certainly beautiful.

  10. No one has guessed right yet, so please keep trying,
    If it's not guessed by tomorrow I will give out a hint.
    this is so much fun...

  11. I was so excited .. that I forgot to say how utterly gorgeous it is!!! LOL

  12. oops, me again! I think it's an sewing reel? Gosh ... I'm doing well today, this is my 3rd post, that is non-coherent!

  13. Beads on a cardboard inner roll from a roll of toilet paper????

    It is lovely.

  14. Is it a plastic bottle Julia?

  15. Sorry Iris.
    no one has even come close.

  16. Congratulations to Maureen, thanks to Camille, it was good fun guessing, and a beautiful ornie.
    Margaret in sunny queensland.


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