Sunday, March 5

We're having a Heatwave!....

Boy it's HOT here, down under in Western Australia.
Today is the third day of scorching temps, 38+ Celsius, that's over 100 degrees in the old measure.
It's supposed to be Autumn, we hardly had much hot weather in the summer, but it sure is making up for it now, and it looks like being this hot all this coming week.
I know, I must be crazy to be working on a quilt in this weather, but my hands are perspiring too much to do any fine needle work, and I really wanted to get this quilt finished.

I had been buying and saving up rose fabrics for this quilt for quite some time.
I made the quilt up in a very simple design of 6 inch blocks set on point.
Most of the fabrics are from Robyn Pandolph, the green and pink paisley border fabrics are from the "Sentimental Journey" range of the Robyn Pandolph fabrics.
All I had left to do to finish off the quilt was the machine quilting, and after a good days work, it's done..


  1. Julia, This quilt is beautiful. I love Robyn Pandolph's fabrics. I bought some in dusty pinks and sage greens for applique angel pillows. Hew fabric has that vintage look.

  2. These fabrics are so lovely.
    I thank you for stopping by and leaving the encouraging comment.
    Blessings on you..


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