Saturday, March 4

Ta Dah... Drumroll Please...

It's finished.... The wedding gift is all put together and I think it looks fantastic!
The ladies all did a beautiful job of their blocks and should be very proud of them selves.
Here, you can see a close up of each block.
I don't really know whether it is called a throw or a runner... I guess it could be either.
I'm told it's a European thing, the throw sits across the foot of the bed, I quite like the idea myself.
You could even use the finished piece as a lovely formal table runner.
Here it is on my bed.

This picture shows the end of the throw, with the gorgeous bead fringing we bought to highlight and bring out the colours of the blocks.

Here is a close up of the blocks so you can see the alternate blocks we did.
You can just make out the sparkly crystal organza, sprinkled with delica crystal beads.
As there were only seven of us making the blocks, we had to come up with a way to make the throw bigger, without having to make two blocks each and having it look too cluttered.
Sandra came up with this idea to make the checkerboard effect.
With a bit of maths calculations, we worked out the size of the blocks and borders making the throw just the size we needed.
I think it's beautiful and very elegant..


  1. What a beautiful gift. I've been reading your blog for some time & decided to come out of lurkdom. I love all your cushions, too. You do very nice work.

  2. Thank you Janet
    I've just been over to your blog.
    Very nice, I shall call back often and see what you create.

  3. She will adore this. Very delicate. What a special gift.

  4. Beautiful and elegant...understatement of the year! It is absolutely stunning; I truly envy the person who is receiving this gift. A future family heirloom to be sure.


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