Monday, March 20

Shadow Worked Cushion ..

shadow work A
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I recently made a pajama bag/cushion for my grand daughter.

On this cushion I decided to do some shadow work embroidery, for a lovely soft effect.

Here is a great introduction on shadow work written up by Rissa.

This is a scan of the embroidered flap on the cushion.
I'm finding scanning an item seems to show up details better than taking a photo from a distance
The cushion is made up in a cotton batiste fabric with a taffeta backing and is constructed like an envelope.
Blue is her favourite colour, so I worked the bow and her initial in one strand of blue DMC thread.
The flowers are in a lovely coral silk ribbon which I ruched up for the large three flowers and then Fargo roses, trailing off to little ribbon stitch buds..

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  1. This is just beautiful Julia! Your work is always spectacular.


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