Sunday, March 12

New Project..

My son gave me some new jeans to cut down into shorts for him.
In fact he gave me 10 pair of jeans!
He works up north on the mines and is given so many pairs of jeans a year to wear.
Because it's so hot most of the year up there, he never gets to wear out so many jeans in a year and really needs shorts more than he needs jeans.
So, cut them down I did, and of course I had all these legs off jeans to either use or put them into the good Sammy bag.
I gave away about 4 pair of legs, but I really wanted to use some myself, the fabric was too good to waste.
I thought about doing something in CQ, but then I thought the new denim would be too hard to embellish and hand stitch through.
Then I remembered a pattern I had bought at the last craft show, it's a quilt as you go hexagon bag.

Rather than have it all plain blue denim, I decided to machine embroider a motif in red thread on some of the hexagons.
So, what you see here is the beginning of a bag.
The backing is a cotton quilt fabric I had on hand, which was great, that saved me having to buy any.
Here is a similar bag to what I'm making...

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