Sunday, March 19

Mini Dress Dummy's..

Mini dummy's
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Just for a fun thing to do, I designed these two mini dressmakers dummies for my class a couple of years ago.
It was so much fun, and the girls had a ball dressing them up.

One girl dressed her's in a brides dress, and another one as a 1930's flapper, each one was so different, I wish I had taken photos of them all.
As you can see, I made one more shapely than the other, and one antique looking by tea dying the fabric first.

My Dh made the stands for us..


  1. I just love those dressmaker's dummies and I'm sure they had fun dressing them up. I know this is quite laughable, but I really have always wanted to make one of those too. Where can I get some extra hours in the day?

  2. Love these mini dummies!!! What a neat idea - you are so creative!


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