Wednesday, March 1

Kaleidoscope Blocks..

I'll take some time away from the cushions for now and tell you about the lovely day I had yesterday at my sane p/work group.

We did a workshop on kaleidoscope quilts, it was so much fun.
I thought it was going to be difficult, but when it was shown and explained to us, it's really very easy.
This method is called Stack and Wack here is a link to a site that explains how it's done.
This is the fabric I used, I was a bit worried about the stripes.
It's almost like doing a mystery quilt, as you don't really know what you'll end up with until all the pieces are cut and put together.
I liked how, I could turn the triangles around and get different looking hexagons
I only had time to sew up two hexagons and this first one so far is my favourite.

This block with the stripes is very interesting.
I was worried about the stripes , but I think a few blocks like this one will add a new dimension to the quilt.
I think this style of quilting is fun to see what one could come up with in different fabrics, and could become quite addictive, ..

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  1. Julia, the blocks are beautiful and I love the fabric.


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