Tuesday, March 14

Jeans Bag Finished..

I get a real buzz making something from practically nothing..
From a pair of cut off jeans legs I made this bag.
It really is easy to do and didn't take too much time.
Looking at it here, I should have listened to DH who told me to place the embroidered pieces so they would be in the centre front and back, but stubbon me just had to do it my way.
Well I have plenty more legs left over to make another.... one day!

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  1. Hi, Camille! I just found your blog today, and I am just loving your beautiful creations!

    This bag is amazing! I have a question (or two) for you. How did you attach the quilted blocks together? And did you add a lining to it, or was the backing of the quilted blocks your lining?

    Again, I just love this bag, and think it's so admirable that you took "waste" fabric and made something so usable and attractive with it.


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