Wednesday, March 8

Japanese Patchwork Book..

I had a great day at patchwork yesterday..Didn't do any sewing as it was too hot, so most of us just sat a chatted.
We meet up stairs in the local council building and would you believe the room we rent for the day is not air conditioned, we have three pedestal fans going, but they only seem to circulate the hot around and are not really cooling, this hot weather has got to break soon!
I did help one of the ladies cut out her fabric for her kaleidoscope quilt, as she was away last week and missed out on the instructions.
One of the ladies lent me this book, only thing is that it is all written in Japanese.
I wish I could scan all the pages to show you all the beautiful quilts and bags, they really seem to love bags, all shapes and sizes.
It,s jam packed full of great quilts and bags and also some very beautiful Victorian CQ quilts.
Not being able to read the descriptions of the quilts, I'm not sure if they are machine quilted or hand quilted.
I found a site to go to and order the books if your interested.
NAYY and all that, it's just a lovely book I had to share with you.

I just scanned one page to show you some oya flowers, SharonB wrote about them in her blog mid February, a very interesting read and lots of links to go to..

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