Tuesday, March 21

Hanging Received Swap Hearts..

Hanging Received COH
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This is how I decided to display my received swapped hearts.
I thought this way I could see and enjoy them each time I walked into my sewing room.
All I did to make this garland up was. Iron on some medium weight interfacing onto the back of a piece of calico, cut out the heart shape.
Then I wrote onto the calico the name of the sender and where the heart came from.
Place right side of heart and calico pieces together, sew around leaving a little opening to turn through to right side, carefully press and sew up the opening.
I then joined the hearts together by catching them together at the sides with a few stitches. I then pinned them up onto the curtain valance..
I think they look great, and hopefully in time I will have more to hang up..


  1. Oh Julia, that is so beautiful! What a gorgeous sewing room and the hearts a perfect touch!

  2. What a wonderful idea Julia. It is lovely.

  3. They do look great, Julia! Only thing you might have to worry about in the future, is dust. Have you got a vaccum nozzle that will reach up that far? (sometimes my job as a home carer extends to my friends - lol!)

  4. Thank you Gina, it's nice to know you care.
    I do have a nozzle and I hate dusting..


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