Friday, March 10

For Maureen B...

Maureen B does not have a blog page, so I thought you might like to see what's going out to Maureen today for correctly guessing the mystery object yesterday..

There was a little clue in the write up that no one picked up on and I was going to reveal today, but Maureen guessed before that was needed.
"Make yourself a cuppa" and I will try to tell the story.

I'm having a day off today and we going up to the city to have lunch at our DS's restaurant..


  1. well done Maureen, and thanks Julia, for such a fun time. I'd never have guessed .... in a million lifetimes what it was!!!
    What happened to tea pots .. hehehe

  2. oops, forgot to mention .. what a LOVELY prize .... I'm jealous! *vbg* but it couldn't have gone to a more lovelier person.


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