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Beaded Teaball Info...

I was working on this post and the power went off, I lost everything I had written so here we go again..Ah!!
First off I would like to thank Rita for these instructions..
There was so much interest in the beaded teaball that Rita has kindly sent me written instructions and suggested I make one up in stages and blog it here., so everyone can see how it is put together, so here goes..

At last.. I managed to get hold of a teaball.
they don't make these ones anymore, just the Stainless steel mesh ones that for obvious reasons are not suitable.
I srounged around op shops and garage sales everywhere, and finally found one in an antique shop for $4
If you can find some old teaballs, they make a prettier ornie...More holes.

Start by spray painting the ball (open it first).
Gold is a good base colour, I left mine silver, but any color will work.
Rita said she used almost 3 bags of the crystal beads, but depending on how yours are packaged, you may need more.
I used a mixture of two colours, Cranberry and Mauve, what I had on hand.
Then you will also need a seed beads of some sort.

Work from the bottom up because this helps keep the beads out of the way as you work the next row.
Using a long beading needle, and a long piece of beading thread (app.2 metres) start at the hole in the very bottom, knot a seed bead to the thread to secure, and go through the centre bottom hole from the inside.

Then add a seed bead, crystal, etc, repeat until you have 4 crystals , ending with a seed bead. By pass the last seed bead and go back up through the beads and the hole into the teaball.
BTW, the seed beads on the inside can be anykind, as they don't show.
For the next, row do the same thing, except use three crystals instead of four.
keep working your way up and around until all the holes are filled.
Do the same for the top part of the teaball.

When it's finished , if you like you can glue a piece of trim around the part where the two pieces screw back together..
Oh, one more thing, Rita said she has never found a way to knot the thread on the inside tight enough, so she always put a drop of glue on the thread inside...
I hope the instructions are clear enough... Enjoy and have fun..


  1. Great job! Thank you for sharing the instructions!!! I've been randomly catching bits and pieces of this thread and hadn't caught on to what it was all about! I'm glad I did now!!! :_)

  2. ...and a trawl through all possible shops in my area has truned up 1000s of mesh tea infuser balls; Dutch strainers like the top of a birch broom,but NO holey balls

  3. Maureen,They are as rare as hen's teeth!
    Look in antique shops, that where i found mine..

  4. Hey there
    You can find these in some craft stores like a Pat Catan's if you have one near you. If you don't see them in the store just ask for them to check their order catalog from Darice and they can order them for you. Also ebay has them. I have made many of these.They are so much fun to make.


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