Thursday, March 9

And the Prize Goes to!!!!!!.....

We have a winner!!

Thursday evening at 7.30 pm Western Australian standard time an email came in from Maureen Bond correctly guessing that the mystery object is a..... "Beaded Teaball"
Congratulations Maureen!
Maureen said she tried to leave a comment on my blogger, but it kept asking her to start up a blog, which Maureen did not want to do.
I want to thank everyone for leaving their comments and having a go at guessing what it was.
It has been so much fun... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did it putting up for you....


  1. Congrats Maureen! I would never have thought of a teaball!!!

  2. wooo hoo, I'd never have guessed!
    Congratulations Maureen!

  3. Ladies,
    That was fun.
    I forgot to write on this post that there was a little clue in the write up that no one picked up on.
    "Make yourself a cuppa....


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