Thursday, February 9

Wedding Blocks Progress..

This project is getting exciting now..
All this cloak and dagger stuff is so much fun! And at the end of it all we shall have a wonderful gift to give to the bride-to-be.
Three of the girls in my Wednesday embroidery group have finished their blocks,.
I am so proud of these ladies, a couple of them struggled so much to do a nice rose and look at what they can do now.
This block is from Pam, our resident joke teller!
Every week Pam rolls up with her sewing basket and a couple of jokes to kick off the morning and before we know it we are all relaxed, laughing and happily stitching away.

This is Margaret's block.
Even though the basket design we are using is the same, you can see how different each block will be.
Margaret's block is soft and dainty, just like her,
she has used a smaller ribbon on the basket handle.
Knowing these ladies, I can see how each ones personality comes out in their work..

This is Golda's block.
Golda has chosen to use some lace motifs, and her stitching is always so lovely and neat.
I love how Golda has sprinkled some beads among the flowers and spilling out of the basket.

My block is done, so it's just three more to get before I see about putting them together..


  1. Those baskets and ribbon flowers are absolutely beautiful.


  2. The bride will have a stunningly beautiful spread to treasure the rest of her life and hand down to her children.

  3. Julia did you get the email I sent you?

  4. Iris, I did get the emai, but it seems you did not get mine so
    I have sent another one.
    Let me know how you go.


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