Sunday, February 5

Quilt Registry..

While doing a web search for old CQ quilts, I came across this Quilt registry in Australia.
Some of the Quilters and CQ er's here in Australia may know of it, but whose that don't, it's a really great site, and lots of interesting reading.
There is a special section for Crazy Quilts, and it's amazing to read how they were made and what they were made from.
If you click on the "see details" on each of the quilt names, there is all the information about that quilt.
Pictures of the quilt and where it came from, who made it and how it was made, dates of when the quilt was made and who it has been handed down to over the the years.
Sharon of inaminuteago is under taking a big project of making a quilt inspired by Martha Bingley 1883 and also has a link to the registry where the quilt is written about.
Sharon's quilt is going to be an amazing quilt..


  1. Good point - I knew about it, but it is so good, I might put a link on my side-bar

  2. Yep the registry is great - I have pointed to it a couple of times but its not until people have a good poke around that you realise how good it is

    that is where the martha Bingly quilt is that has inspired my diamond blocks - I posted about it being my next project early in the new year

  3. Sharon,
    I found your link
    I did not go back far enough, I was looking in the sidebar, I apologize.
    Your quilt is going to be amazing!
    I shall go and have another look at the registry for Martha Bingly.


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