Tuesday, February 14

My Shoes..

I have had so many queries about the black shoe in my profile, I thought I would show you the other side of the shoe and thought you might like to see another shoe I made from the same pattern.
The black shoe is my favourite and is made up in black velvets and Japanese brocade fabrics.
I embellished it with black lace motifs beaded with oil slick beads, black and gold braid, and SRE on the black velvet in shades of purple and mauve silk ribbon.
You can see a wisteria vine embroidered on the heel of the shoe

This shoe is made up in cream jacuard curtain fabric.
I hand painted the lace motifs, beaded the lace in amethyst and crystal beads and made the organza folded ribbon roses.
I finished off the shoe with cream braid around the edges to give a nice finish.

This is the other side of the cream shoe.
Next to the shoe is a hat pin cushion I made to stick my old vintage brooches and hat pins in.


  1. Julia, what is an oil slick bead? I've not heard of them before?

  2. These are beautiful! Did you design the pattern yourself?

    Kari x

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for showing the enlarged images of your shoes. They are absolutely wonderful. Have you made many of them?

  4. Your "shoes" are absolutely gorgeous!


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