Tuesday, February 28

Last Two Cushions..

I'm running a bit late this morning, we have a lady coming in to patchwork today to do a workshop with us, and I have to be there by 9 a.m.
We are going to be shown how to do a kaleidoscope, stack and wack style quilt.
So here are two more cushions, and I promise that's it for cushions for a while.

This cushion made up in tapestry and Burgundy velvet fabrics.
Very simple, just a few folded ribbon roses and buds.
I gathered up the velvet to go around the edge of the cushion and that panel gives it a lovely rich Victorian look.

This cushion is made up in left over fabric from my lounge room curtains.
Just folded ribbon roses and buds, highlighted with sprays of French knots and spent flowers worked in yellow French knots..

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  1. What beautiful work! I'm not great at ribbon work yet, but now seeing that real people actually do it, I'm inspired to practice more! Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful pics, and don't do the 'no more cushions' thing for a while!


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