Tuesday, February 21

I'm Back..

I'm back at last..
After four frustrating days of being off line and numerous calls to my ISP, I'm back.
What a hassle it is to up grade the computer, I was told they did not support the system I was using any more and I had to upgrade.
Now to get all my favourites back up and running
Yes, I did do a back up, but a lot of things are in folders and need sorting out..
Anyway here is what I have done in the meantime.

This purple heart #15 I have called "Mother and Child".
It's a print from a Bovril poster, the little girl had pinched the bovril and hidden under the table with it.

This lovely heart #16 is done in dusty pinks and greens.
I have worked in some Fargo roses on the lady's hair, and added a topiary tree in fargo roses standing in a gold pot..


  1. Beautiful hearts Julia and I'm tickled you are back on line.

  2. Welcome back! I agree with Judy the hearts are beautiful. Would you mind...could I try some of your stitches? I love the stitches you used with the feather stitch on the purple heart. My feather stitching is still sad and I'm always looking for ways to decorate it.

  3. Julia, this image reminds me of Princess Di. Lovely hearts.

  4. Thank you ladies.
    Iris, you are welcome to do the feather stitch.
    It's so nice to get new ideas and be able to help each other like this.

  5. Thank you Julia, I borrow other stitches and they morph into my own...but I like that one just the way it is. It probably won't look a thing like yours when I stitch it.


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